Since 1995 we have been working to develop forensic software to maximize the potential of Digital Technology for fingerprint evidence. We have  processed tens of thousands of fingerprints, many of the enhancement techniques we have developed have resulted in the identification and conviction of offenders. Today Digital Technology and Image Enhancement provides the following benefits to the Forensic investigator:-

1. Three seconds to preview the image enabling the photographer to re set the lighting prior to taking the final image.

2. No under or over exposed photographs.

3. Fast image capture.

4. No chemicals, or waste chemicals to dispose of.

5. Instant image reversal (to convert white ridges to black)

6. Instant viewing of images at crime scenes. (especially major scenes with technically demanding images.)

7. Sophisticated image enhancement, without which, many  fingerprints would not contain sufficient detail for an identification.

As a result of our research into Digital Imaging we are now  pleased to be able to offer our expertise to the wider Forensic community.

All the images that we process contain digital authentication technology, this enables us to enhance our images and provide Expert Evidence on the processes to the judicial system. We have produced evidence for thousands of cases, and are experienced at presenting the information within the court room.

Some of the  enhancement techniques that we use are illustrated in the images contained within this document.

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South African Rand, before and after enhancement.

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