Saving your data

· Lossy compression formats

· Lossless compression formats

· Tiff or Bmp

· Wsq/Jpg 2000 for International compatibility

· Bit depth

· Data storage

· Which CDR/DVDR

· Introducing Nero for CD writing, Finalising discs

· Disc creation features in Nero

Image Enhancement

· The Histogram

· Contrast stretch

· Area of interest selection

· Magic wand and trace mode

· Image Annotation

· Digital Filters

· Median Filters

· Large Spectral filters

· Edge enhancement filters

· Image addition and subtraction

· The Fourier transform

· Spike cut

     · Spike boost to amplify fingerprint ridge detail

· Dark field illumination

· Separation of overlaid fingerprint ridges

· Irregular background pattern removal

· Curved and angled surfaces

· Macro customisation

We now have new laser technology where students can:-

1. Create their own diffraction patterns.

2. Watch how light propagates.

3. Remove background patterns using lasers and lenses.

4. Understand optical properties of lenses

5. Use basic mathematical equations to predict how light

propagates and how lasers produce diffraction patterns.

All courses consist of numerous practical exercises as well as lectures in the theory of digital imaging. The percentage of theory and practical will be determined by your individual requirements.

Where required full practical and written examinations will be included with detailed assessments of each student.

Digital Photography - The DLSR