Authentication and Audit trails

Veridata Idem

House of Lords Science and Technology committee report 1998

5.5 We recommend that the government encourage the use of authentication techniques. Members of the legal profession should be made aware of the benefits of these techniques, their value in adding weight to evidence and the possible significance of their omission. Further we recommend that the government encourages the adoption of technological measures for the authentication of images as evidence by giving type of approval to them. The Forensic Science service should provide ongoing advice for manufacturers and the users of imaging equipment on authentication technologies

Digital Images in the Court Room

The common perception of digital images is their ease of manipulation creating the impression  that the use of digital imaging in the court room is to be avoided at all costs. While this may be true in part, it is more down to perception than reality. Just because an image has been captured on film does not mean that it has not been altered. Since the very early days of the photographic process,photographers have used ‘image enhancement’ to create the picture of their choice.

For example, take a crowded high street in the 1890’s a photograph is taken but only one or two people remain in the the final picture. The length of the exposure time prevents moving objects from being captured onto the photographic film. Is this a true representation of the high street?

Ultimately the value of an image will be based on the integrity of the photographer and their ability to communicate their honesty on the witness stand.

To enable the photographer to communicate their integrity it is essential that official protocols are put in place to protect the quality of the evidence as well as the integrity of the photographer. For this reason the DCS system uses Veridata Idem to protect the integrity of digital forensic evidence.

Veridata Idem contains the following primary functions:


Easy to use - first-time users need only minimal training


May be used with almost any digital camera or imaging system


Provides an audit trail and helps to confirm the origin of digital images


Incorporates the highly secure Veridata algorithm to foil hacking


Includes file-management tools to neatly organise image files


Features access control to prevent unauthorised use


One Touch function key saves valuable time when working with multiple images


Exact site of any alteration can be graphically pinpointed


Easy to visually demonstrate to a jury in a language they can understand.

Original Image

For further information please visit the Veridata website and download the Digital Images as Evidence PDF document.

Altered Image

Veridata image highlighting the alterations