Calibration Utility


All fingerprint images need to be printed or sent to AFIS/Ident1 at an exact fingerprint image to print ratio of 1:1. The DCS 4/5 system has easy to use pre set and  new two click variable calibration functions.


For day to day use all calibration is pre set and the user can capture and print images WITHOUT using any calibration software.


For occasional use the system has a very accurate calibration utility which enables the user to calibrate any image from any source and produce a 1:1 print or a specific enlargement (I.e. 5x 5x 8x etc.)


An image can be individually calibrated down to 0.1% of a mm in under 10 seconds.

pp5f06805a.jpg pp64801ef0.jpg

Fingerprint images before and after enhancement containing a calibration scale.