Footwear/Tire Identification

We are able to provide detailed courses in Footwear Identification.

Training will include information on the following and much more::

Shoe/Crime Scene Class Characteristics

Shoe/Crime scene footwear Irregularities

Manufacturing Techniques

Preparation of cases for court presentation

Photography and 1:1 printing of crime scene images

Taking of Test prints from suspect shoes

Presentation of Footwear Evidence in court

Making and photographing footwear casts

3D identification techniques for a cast and a shoe

Groups of 10 or less give us the opportunity to provide individual training. During the course students will be provided with a selection of test cases. For example:

Shoe print in Blood

Shoe print in sand

Cast footwear impression

Shoe print in Newspaper

Shoe print recovered with a black gelatine lifter or dust lifter

In each case they will be required to produce test prints, take photographs and casts. Each case will then be analysed and prepared as actual evidence. The students will then be required to present this evidence in a mock court setting.

Training can also include the identification of Tire impressions.

Tire manufacturing techniques


Noise reduction patterns

Tire drawings

Examples of actual cases

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