Customised Training in Digital

Imaging/Enhancement and

Photographic Lighting techniques for;






Imaging Technicians

Fingerprint Laboratories


University students


Forensic Scientists





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Neate Imaging has  extensive experience in training personnel  in:-

1. Basic concepts of Digital imaging

2. Digital SLR - make the most of the cameras settings - aperture, shutter,iso etc we train with Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Pentax etc

3. Working with RAW and converting to 16 bit TIFF

4. Image colour space - SRGB or Adobe 1998

5. Adobe Photoshop

6. Digital Image enhancement

7. Court Room presentation of Digital Imaging

8. Advanced Digital imaging

9. Advanced lighting techniques for fingerprint and footwear photography.

Here are some examples of our training material:-

The PC

    Computer configuration

    Computer interfaces (SCSI, Firewire USB2)

    Computer ‘lingo’

    Computer maintenance

What is Digital

 Analogue to Digital conversion

 Sampling and quantization

 Image storage as the 0 and 1 bit component.

 The compact disc

Digital Image composition

 The pixel

 Image resolution

 Image distance

 Pixelization

 Interpolation and true image capture

 Nyquist frequency

 Aliasing

 Pixel values

 Image class

Colour filters

Colour wheel

Cross polarization

Practical exercises in the use of colour filters

RAW file formats V JPG/JPG 2000

Which format should be used

8 bit or 16 bit Tiff?

Image Colour space

Histogram and exposure compensation when converting from RAW

Image noise and ISO settings on a digital camera

Fingerprint/Footwear Lighting techniques

Practical exercises with fluorescence.

Spectral illumination

Clear Plastic/dark field illumination

Oblique lighting


Digital Photography - The DLSR