Leuco Crystal Violet

Develop Fingerprints and Footprints in blood


Background staining

LCV (Leuco Crystal Violet) is a colouring reagent for blood that is based on the blood-catalyzed reaction of hydrogen peroxide with LCV, whereby the colourless LCV is oxidized to the purple crystal violet (the same dye as Gentian violet NO PHENOL).Because this oxidation will also occur slowly under the influences of light and oxygen, the contrast of the visualised traces and the background is not permanent. After a period of time the background will also be coloured purple.

To maximise the shelf life, the Hydrogen peroxide is separately packaged in an opaque,brown plastic bottle. Before use the Hydrogen Peroxide is added to the other solution (in a mixing ratio of 1:4). Both solutions are water based. The LCV solution already contains fixative, so there is no need to fix blood before staining. In contrast to other staining solutions LCV is very suitable for porous surfaces.

Leuco Crystal Violet set, consisting of a 500ml amber glass bottle containing Leuco Crystal violet in a fixative (400ml) and a brown plastic bottle with 100ml Hydrogen peroxide solution.

The solution should be applied with a VERY fine spray container.

Neate Imaging has used this solution on gloss painted surfaces, radiators, and other non absorbent surfaces. It always reacts with the blood; developing the fingerprints while the background remains un effected.

The quantity used is very very small reducing the damage caused from larger quantities of chemicals such as Acid/Amido Black.