Developing Fingerprints

on Human Skin

The product consists of:

RTX Developer: 50ml or 250ml

Erasing liquid 250ml

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A fingerprint on human skin developed with RTX


"RTX Developer" is the trade name for Ruthenium Tetroxide (RTX) solution, a  product for developing latent fingerprints on a variety of unusual substrates.

The  working solution contains Reutenium Tetoxide dissolved in a special organic solvent. This mix of chemical components results in a solution that will develop latent finger/palm impressions.

How does it work

RTX fumes react with organic compounds such as oils or fats (hence the development of prints on wet items) and turns them into brown or black solids. As latent prints contain fatty oils, the RTX reacts with the deposits resulting in the development of latent marks.

pp1d7e2177.jpg ppab4ae0b0.jpg

RTX  developed fingerprints on a piece of usual paper.

Benefits of RTX

●RTX can develop fingerprints on human skin.

●The black deposits can be removed enabling further sequential processing.

●RTX is a very sensitive compound developing clear fingerprint impressions.

●The compete kit is portable and easy to apply

●Full MSDS information is available, the solution is safe to use on ‘live’ human skin.

●The RTX solution can develop latent fingerprints on difficult surfaces where other conventional processes are ineffective.

Surfaces where RTX has been effective at developing latent finger/palm impressions include:

human skin, usual paper, thermal paper, clothes, leather, glass, plastics, both sides of adhesive tape and vinyl tape, wooden goods, metal, stone, wall, etc, and these substrates with wet surfaces.

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